Local Craftwork at the Mt. Philo Inn:

This extraordinarily talented group of local artisans have been among the many employed by the Mt. Philo Inn during our 25 year renovation.  Their work is world class, and represents the high level of craftsmanship expected in Vermont, the home of DIY. They have helped transform the Inn from an aging edifice to a modern and elegant, yet comfortable and spacious retreat


The Mt. Philo Inn serves free range organic eggs from Greylaine Farm. Greylaine Farm also produces pasture-raised lamb, and rabbit in Shelburne, Vermont. The animals spend their time grazing on grass and bugs maintaining healthy soils and pasture and ultimately producing high-quality eggs and meat. Greylaine Farm is a team of two brothers. Mike heads up the pasture and animal management and Dan takes care of behind-the-scenes of web and business work and occasionally helps with daily chores. Check them out at


Rick Schneider has been one of Vermont's pre-eminent stair builders, specializing in spiral staircases. Rick has been the lead craftsman in 3 sets of fantastic staircases at the Inn. He later became head of carpentry at Shelburne Museum

We were able to reuse yellow birch stairs salvaged from the staircases from the 1863 Vermont Hotel in Rutland.  The design effort also involved Vermont architect Martin Tierney, well known for his historic preservation work at Shelburne Farms.


Homer Wells has been creating signs professionally for over 30 years, and has recently completed a new series of signs at the Mt. Philo Inn. His original spun aluminum designs utilize translucent paint to enhance reflected light. One of Vermont's pre-eminent metal sculptors, Homer's artistic works have been featured in various galleries and the Burning Man festival. 

Francis Byers is a card carrying marble mason. Apprenticed in England, Steven brings his considerable skills to the Inn via San Francisco.  He has supervised the construction of a series of unique slab marble kitchens and bathrooms using only Vermont stone, including Danby marble and Champlain Black hardened coral.