A Vermont year in ten minutes
Set to Arvo Pärt's "Fratres." Pilgrimage to a bird's eye view on God's country. Timothy Cummings climbed to the top of Mt. Philo once a week at the same time of day for an entire year to create this hypnotic timelapse--watch closely, the scene moves quite slowly, but is in fact in constant flux.

Summer Photos
Mt. Philo is in the center of one of the most picturesque locations on earth, with 360° views. Overlooking Lake Champlain, the Adirondack Mountains and the Lake Placid region to the west, Mt. Philo also has great views of Mt. Mansfield to the north, Camels Hump, Mt. Abe and the Green Mountains to the east, and Killington to the south.  You can imagine the early trading on Lake Champlain, as it stretches north toward Montreal and south leading to the canals of the Hudson River and NYC.

Stan Semuski took many of these photos of Mt. Philo while living at the top during the summers of 2015-2017